Solitary Numbers

  1. The Concept
The United Arab Emirates Is the world’s leading country in terms of money spent on personalized number plates. Of the most expensive number plates in the world thirty seven of those are from the U. A. E. In fact the most expensive was sold for 40 million dollars at an auction in Dubai therefore our first edition will be the United Arab Emirates Edition.
So why not create the most exquisite graphic design of these number plates and then ad an Arabic theme to the design specifically relevant to the U.A.E. 
We are offering six of the most expensive plates. Each number plate will be created and only one thousand with be sold with ten variations globally. We promote the idea for buyers to start to collect these NFTs as people collect baseball cards with the aim of holding a complete collection.
When the first 6 have been sold we then create a high-quality animated cube and on each side of the cube will have one number of the sold plates.
This process will be moving to China,  India,  Singapore,  United States of America. We will consider continuing to another six countries once we have more feedback from our buyers.  We believe that NFTs are here to stay as there are many global players that have ventured into the NFT market with their unique products.
  1.  Market Dynamics Will Increase Demand For Our NFTs 
Sales of automotive number plates are directly dependent on the sales and production of automotive vehicles across the globe. The growth in the sales of automotive vehicles during the past years is expected to promote the growth of the automotive number plate market over the assessment period. Moreover, the fleet of automotive vehicles has also increased significantly in the past few years, owing to the increasing disposable income of the global population.
This is expected to further promote the growth of the automotive number plate market over the coming years. Moreover, as government regulations become more stringent regarding the installation of number plates on vehicles, the demand is expected to further increase in the coming years.
Specialized automotive number plates are gaining popularity in the market, with manufacturers focusing on providing varied solutions to meet the growing demand from customers. Moreover, with the introduction of lightweight and aesthetically appealing automotive number plates, the demand for automotive number plates is expected to increase considerably to replace the existing automotive number plates.
Moreover, as the emphasis on e-mobility increases, the production and sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase in the coming years. This is expected to supplement the growth of the market in the coming years.
  1.  Opportunity
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have provided sudden and impressive income for artists who have been early to market, with people selling artwork for as much as $70 million. NFTs appear to be here to stay, and the big question is how to apply them to help benefit artists. Non-Fungible Tokens have two important potential applications when it comes to artwork with NFTs accounting for a huge sales boost in contemporary art.
Many large brands are already experimenting with NFTs to create new customer experiences.  Adidas, Nike,  BudWeiser,  Pepsi, Lamborghini, and Walmart.
The NFT market size is expected to grow by at least 33% year over year and is forecasted to reach approximately $80 billion in net sales volume by 2025 and nearly $350 billion by 2030.
(Jeffries Investment bank)
  • In August 2021, OpenSea had monthly sales of over $3.4 billion
  • NBA’s Top Shots, a trading card system, has made more than $230 million.
  • An NFT by Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco, Hairy, sold for $888,888.88.
  • CryptoPunk #3100 sold for $7.58 million.
  • The first tweet on Twitter sold for $2.9 million
Our opportunity to create a sustainable NFT collection stems from the market analysis displayed in the previous paragraph. With this positive outcome and our unique nft product that will span many countries and many years. We believe this is the first project of its kind in the NFT space and the first art product to be released by Exotic Numbers NFT where the real world runs parallel to the metaverse.

The aim of our project is to produce a high definition digital art of the most expensive vehicle number plates in the world. In each design we incorporate local themes of that country.

Six Exclusive Cubes

Once the first six number plates have been successfully launched, we will be launching another six high-quality graphics cubes and on each side will be one of the selected number plates. The cube will be animated in order to display each number. 

Blending physical into digital

Our unique NFTs represent high-value assets that were purchased in the real world. We believe that each time these assets are sold it will be for a higher price. As our nft,s reflect this trend we are positive that our NFTs will reflect this pattern. We have taken a physical real-world object and created an abstract digital version of it.

Gallery Hosting

We will be placing our art on the OpenSea marketplace. OpenSea is known as the first and largest NFT marketplace for digital goods. It is a decentralized platform for trading crypto collectibles. Advantages of using OpenSea include enabling the NFT creator, say a digital artist, to receive royalties in proportion to the value of the token. This review of OpenSea will help to unpack NFTs and debate the pros and cons of using the platform. In early 2021, the transaction volume at OpenSea grew over 1400%, outrunning competitors Rarible who saw a 600% increase. $95 million worth of digital merchandise was sold on the platform in February of 2021 alone. Being a decentralized marketplace means that OpenSea trades happen through a smart contract, and no authority ever has possession of your items. Just like fungible tokens, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin crypto currencies, trades are logged on a blockchain ledger. This offers transparency, security and provides better recognition for the creator’s work, thanks to the immutability of the trade.


We are excited about this aspect of our project and that we have the ability to be able to give back to the communities of each country that we take our project to. Our first project launch will be taking place in Dubai where we will be donating thirty percent to The One Million Saved Meals Charity. We feel that local communities should be benefiting from our activities.
Possible use of local digital, marketing and graphic design companies to promote our art product in the chosen country.
What is great about charitable donations is that we know our donations will help change the world. We hope to set an example to other NFT artists to follow suit and also contribute to charities.  We get the satisfaction of knowing that we could be changing someone’s life today.

The number plate owners' involvement

The best place to start an awareness campaign is with the owners of these number plates as we believe they will have influence in the region. Therefore before the project is launched we will approach the current owners of these number plates and ask if they would consider being involved in this project by way of promoting this project due to their influence in their communities.

Their reward for this is that their names will be linked to a donation of thirty percent to  The One Million Saved Meals Charity. If there is no feedback from these owners we would continue to donate regardless. However, we believe there would not be any objections as this is a good cause. Dubai is one of a few countries that have a vibrant charity culture.


This strategy will be implemented in each country we take our project to

Global Brand

At the onset of our NFT project, we had established that we would go global as we were set to move our project to many countries therefore this is a core strategy of our project. As our footprint expands and our brand awareness increases we will increase our marketing budget accordingly. We strive to be known for our quality art and ability to make a difference thus increasing our brand perception.